Honey and Shea Butter Soap

Savon Miel et Karité Riche en Miel Bio de la Région Neuchâteloise (Suisse).- Savon Saponifié à Froid- Savon Surgras 100% Naturel Ingrédients Bio.Fabrication Artisanale Locloise (Suisse)Zéro Déchets, Éco-Responsable100% Natutrelle sans ingrédients de synthèse, huile minérale, huile de palme, colorants synthétique ! Sans teste sur les animaux !
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- Gentle soap for body and hands,- very frothy,- shea perfume (notes: vanilla, powdery, spicy, floral). Perfume of Grasse Ingredients and their properties Extra Virgin Olive Oil - nourishing, repairing, soothing, anti-ageing.Shea Butter - nourishing, repairing, deeply moisturizes the skin and participates in skin regeneration. Restores firmness and elasticity to the skin. Soothing, anti-inflammatory. Helps comfort sensitive skin and reduces redness. Rich in antioxidants, helps to fight against the effects of skin aging Coconut Vegetable Oil - natural preservative, nourishing, protective, restructuring.Honey - moisturising, purifying, healing, antibacterial, soothing.... Natural Vegetable Glycerin. Contraindication: None. Handcrafted Soap - Natural - Cold Saponified. Our soaps cure at least 6 weeks before being put on sale because, like good wine, they improve with time. Cold Saponification:Cold saponification is an artisanal method that allows the production of surgras soaps rich in vegetable glycerin.It is a mixture of a fatty substance (vegetable oils) and an alkaline agent (soda). In chemistry, this produces soap and vegetable glycerine. Contrary to the industrial process, we keep all the vegetable glycerin produced because it is this that gives our soaps their moisturizing power.We formulate our soaps in such a way that some of the vegetable oils are not transformed into soap. This is called surgras. It is this complex of repairing active ingredients contained in the vegetable oils and butters that nourishes the skin and repairs the hydrolipidic film while it is naturally reformed.Our ingredients are sourced from local suppliers.Soap made in Le Locle (Switzerland).

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INCI: sodium olivate (Olive Extra Vierge), sodium shea butterate (Karité Bio), sodium cocoate (coco hydrogénée), Glycerin, Mel (Miel Bio), Parfum, CI77492 (Pigment Naturel)..
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